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The Policing and Crime Bill aims to criminalise paying for sexual services of a sex worker who is trafficked and/or controlled. It includes paying for such services abroad as well as in Britain. It also aims to further criminalise kerb crawling and street prostitution, restrict lap dancing and other sex encounter venues, and make it easier for the police to close down brothels.

According to Lord Richard Faulkner, the Bill is based on lies, and needs to be fought at all costs. Thankfully, resistance is forthcoming, but your help is needed, both by sending in your views to the Scrutiny committee and to your own MP.

The Bill can be viewed here:

Click here for Sections of the Bill relating to sex work

The Policing and Crime Bill has gone before the Scrutiny Committee and they are hearing evidence between Tuesday 26th January and 26th February. Membership for the “Policing and Crime Bill” is as follows

Chairmen: Sir Nicholas Winterton and Hugh Bayley
Members: Mr Ian Austin, Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods, James Brokenshire, Mr Simon Burns, Mr Alan Campbell, Mr Ian Cawsey, Mr Vernon Coaker, Mrs Nadine Dorries, Jim Fitzpatrick, Dr Evan Harris, Paul Holmes, Ms Sally Keeble, Miss Julie Kirkbride, Mr David Ruffley, Lynda Waltho and Phil Wilson.

This Bill has had its second reading in the House of Commons. There is enormous resistance from academia, sex workers, disabled people, and the general public. In fact, a petition is being sent to Number 10, to delay any legislation on prostitution until after the election. See

In order to make your own (short) objections to this Bill

See guidance (but be warned they don’t want more than 1,000 words even though they state 3,000)

email address to send your views:

For further info on lobbying

It is always important to email your own MP to state your views.

For inspiration on stating your case, see the following link

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