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Please look at Myles’ new site: where you will find everything you need to know about what is going on in the world of obscenity in the UK today.

The protest against the sexual activities of porn films being extended to online websites (seen as a threat to British censorship) was all over the press, including the Telegraph and Independent, and on Ch4 News and Sky News. To join the protest, go to

Our supporter, lawyer Myles Jackman has written a great article explaining the new threats to pornography in Britain. See

The 20th Anniversary of the Awards were a great success. raising funds for Outsiders and promoting sex work and striptease. See www.sexualfreedomawards.comfor more info and news

Please will men who want to pay for sex in Scotland and are prepared to argue their case please contact us because your views must be heard. mail@ this website address

This is the first of 4 podcasts featuring the voices of women who work in the Erotic/Sex industry.

Fate of Soho

Tim Hemming – owner of Simply Pleasure in Soho and 34 other licensed sex shops – plans to mount a challenge to Westminster Council’s charge of £35,000 to license shops as the fee is supposed to cover expenses but not to contribute to council funds in general.

And the musical performance kick-ass group, The Correspondents, is singing loud and clear “what’s happened to Soho — where can all the reprobates go?”


They’re proposing to ban ALL strip clubs in Tower Hamlets. I have got news of it early and this is the first day their “consultative survey” is up on the website. I hope libertarians vote this down because in my view this would be the thin end of the wedge. We really need to mobilise people!