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There are still relatively very few submissions objecting to this awful Bill, which aims to ban the buying of sexual services, close down brothels, and bust sex workers.

We have been asked to give you some guidelines on making your response. You don’t need to use any special language – just tell them what you think, plain and clear — keeping to the point — and within 4 pages.

Here are the sections to object to:-

Clause 13 Paying for the sexual services of controlled prostitutes
How on earth can a punter know whether a sex worker is controlled? How can one know if they are being forced to work by a pimp, manipulated by a husband, controlled by gangs, trafficked or (like most) working to support themselves, of his/her own free will? This clause puts all punters at unnecessary risk, and frightens innocent people off paying for sexual services that they may really need

Clause 15 Amendments to the offence of loitering by adding the word “persistently”
Adding the word “persistently” will make street workers more panicky about picking up clients, so they will rush into cars without making considered judgements, and wait for clients in more hidden, derelict areas where psychos can prey on them, putting themselves at real danger

Clause 16 Requiring sex workers who are drug addicts to enter rehab
It is not acceptable to force sex workers who have drug habits into rehabilitation and, in any case, this has been proven not to work

Clause 18 Soliciting
This clause will make it much easier for kerb crawlers to get busted and even ordinary motorists and pedestrians will get busted for stopping to ask for directions, etc.

Clause 20 Closure Orders
This will mean the police can shut down what they think is a brothel whenever they “discover” one, without requiring any evidence. This threatens sex workers who work together (much safer for them, when they do), well-run brothels, massage parlours and saunas. When establishments get closed down, sex workers will naturally resort to working on the street, where they will be more vulnerable, and risk getting murdered like the five girls in Ipswich.

Do send your submission as soon as possible, as the Bill is already being discussed by the Scrutiny Committee who definitely need your views to stop them letting this Bill become law.

Send your rant to the following address:

Don’t forget to send a copy of your objections to your MP who you can find on the following link:

To see what other people and organisations have sent in so far, see

Once we know when the Bill is going to the House of Lords, we will give you new instructions.

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