Sexual Freedom is the freedom to say yes and say no to sex. It is freedom to enjoy sex just like any other human instinct such as eating, sleeping and soaking up the sun, without apology or attracting stigma.

Sexual Freedom is the freedom to enjoy consensual adult sexual activities in private (and secluded places), whether it is paid sex, free sex, married sex, sex with strangers, gay sex, sex involving people with disabilities, people engaging in consensual BDSM, and a combination of these things. Sexual Freedom is the freedom of adults to see, hear or experience any kinds of sexual entertainment, although the creation of such entertainment should not involve exploitation or sexual abuse.

Sexual Freedom gives individual adults the right to negotiate the deal of their sexual encounters, be they financial, charitable, recreational, committed relationship, formal marriage or other, without interference from the state, whatever their gender, sexual orientation or tastes. Sexual Freedom can only be achieved when (a) young people are brought up to enjoy their own bodies, receiving positive messages about sex from their parents, teachers and faith, and (b) sex is discussed honestly and openly in everyday life and professional work. Quality sex education should be supplied to everyone, providing everything people need to know to protect themselves from abuse, unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.

Where consent cannot be expressed because of severe disability, assumptions should not be made that sexual pleasure is not required, until every effort has been made confirm this, with back up provision to fulfill basic needs which may be expressed.