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The Guardian published an article about Laura Lee’s campaigning. She is stil at it. Laura is a sex worker who sees disabled clients and is on the TLC website. She is also a winner of a Sexual Freedom Award.

If anyone would like to help her, you can find her on under Services.


Go to The Awards show will be in the autumn

Please look at Myles’ new site: where you will find everything you need to know about what is going on in the world of obscenity in the UK today.

The protest against the sexual activities of porn films being extended to online websites (seen as a threat to British censorship) was all over the press, including the Telegraph and Independent, and on Ch4 News and Sky News. To join the protest, go to

Our supporter, lawyer Myles Jackman has written a great article explaining the new threats to pornography in Britain. See

The 20th Anniversary of the Awards were a great success. raising funds for Outsiders and promoting sex work and striptease. See www.sexualfreedomawards.comfor more info and news

sex maniacsBallBannerLawRes.jpg

Where laughter, generosity & passion collide

Wheelchair Accessible and Welcoming Adults of all Abilities, Sexualities and Ages

Saturday 21st September

All Night

At last, we have found our dream home: beautiful, elegant, warm, sexy and lovely — a manor house,
stately home with a Fellini feel, close to London in Surrey.
It is a house for horny hedonists
This is the ideal place to hold an inclusive event to raise funds for Outsiders:
the ground floor is spacious, with huge rooms, accessible toilets and wide doors and corridors.
The grounds are beautiful flat lawns, with plenty of parking.

Directions, address and postcode will be sent to ticket holders two days before the event.
Tickets from:

Telephone: 0844 870 0000

• The Amazing Mouse & full Cabaret • MC Mat Fraser • Dancing to Chris Tofu •
• Sensuality Chamber with Minstrels & Peeping • Café Shebeen •
• Salon of the Senses • Pleasure Bazaar •
• Sock Wrestling • Messy Cake Fights • Human Snail Racing • Dungeon • Cage • Grope Box •  Hug Snuggle • Climax Clinic • Queening Throne • Photo Booth •
• Infinity Dome • Country Romps •

Strict Dress Code

Whatever makes you feel sexy: Skimpy • Slinky ● Sensual •
Sparkling Magnificent Revealing Ball Gown & Tails ● Steam Punk
Fetish • Naked ● Be Imaginative! Be Brave! Be Comfortable!
No street clothes ● Dressing Up Shoppe


Respectful Etiquette with no censorship, no pressure, no press, no photography
Please read the Little Book of Delights on our website before attending


This event is hosted by Dr Tuppy Owens who founded the charity Outsiders
which is where all Ball funds raised will go, to support disabled people
gain sexual confidence and find partners. Charity No 284450.

If you can’t come, please just send Outsiders a donation:

Please will men who want to pay for sex in Scotland and are prepared to argue their case please contact us because your views must be heard. mail@ this website address

“The Muslim community have taken it upon themselves to rid the streets of evil. This is just how the Taliban started in Afghanistan. For all intents and purposes, you are witnessing the emergence of the Taliban in Walthamstow.” — Website, Islam4UK

With East London hosting the world during the Olympics, a group of Islamists associated with Anjem Choudary and his group, Islam4UK, have taken the law into their own hands.

Over recent weeks the group has launched a vigilante campaign in Waltham Forest, close to the main Olympics venues, to target “Pimps and Prostitutes,” part of a wider campaign by Choudary’s associates to launch their own vigilante campaigns, based on a narrow interpretation of Shariah law. Last year, the group put up stickers around parts of East London declaring it a ‘Shariah Zone.’ It warned women to observe strict dress codes, and local residents against drinking alcohol. Homosexuals were also threatened.

“Pimps and Prostitutes” is a new campaign. Of course, few would argue with a genuine civic movement to clear the streets of prostitutes, but Choudary’s men are not motivated by public spirit. They want instead to assert Islamist principles and practice over parts of public life in London, in the hope of carving out enclaves for themselves. “As Muslims in your local area it is our duty to invite you to embrace Islam” the group states, “but we also want to share with you some of the great projects we’re involved in that can make a real change to the area.”

and see

This is the first of 4 podcasts featuring the voices of women who work in the Erotic/Sex industry.