Sexual Freedom Coalition

22nd Sexual Freedom Awards will be held on Monday 14th November, 2016.

Hackney Showrooms, Hackney Downs Studios, Amhurst Terrace London E8 2BT

Doors Open at 6.30, show starts at 7.15pm, ends at 11pm

This is a charity Night raising funds for Outsiders,
where disabled people make friends, enjoy peer support and find partners

Honouring the Stars who provide
Sexual Services, Striptease
& all those who support them

With an International collection of performers

The venue is a wheelchair accessible arts venu

Introduced by Mikey Argy MBE, Presenter, Alix Fox

Myles Jackman, Kian de la Cour, Mouse, Kirsten Neil,
Ashley Savage, Alex Bryce  and Pye Jakobson

Female Striptease Artist
Male Striptease Artist
Sex Worker
Tantric Practitioner
Sexological Bodyworker


We felt that the world has generally become more accepting
of erotic art, film, writing etc., but
the people selling sexual services and stripping
are becoming increasingly vilified.

Strip clubs have been closed down and
sex workers described as shameful or victims.
It seems important to focus on these people who are,
in fact, doing great work in bringing happiness, inspiration
and a sexual education to many people
who need and enjoy them, including disabled people.

Labour rights for sex workers and strippers are of highest priority and we acknowledge those
working towards these goals.

Restricting the Awards to sex work and stripping
has meant that our events have become warmer
and more focused.
The audience truly care about these stars getting the praise they deserve.

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